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Information for Parents

Your children's portfolios are available for parents to view at any time through our parent portal.
  The educators regularly monitor children's development. 
 Parents are welcome to ask educators about their child's development at any time.

The Program at Pagewood Kindergarten

Our daily programs capture the Early Years Learning Framework with its emphasis on “Being, Becoming and Belonging”. The release of the Early Years Learning Framework was implemented by the Australian Government’s National Quality Agenda for Early Childhood Education and Child Care. The Early Years Learning Framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning, providing the most stimulation for brain development. The learning framework also recognises the importance of communication and language, including early literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development. At Pagewood Kindergarten, this framework is utilised effectively to assist our educators to provide your children with the opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. We have a strong belief in creating lifelong learners, developing the whole child, covering all aspects of their skill development (physical, social / emotional, cognitive and language). The needs, strengths and interests of the group and individuals form the basis of the learning experiences and activities provided. Our educators plan on the basis of careful observation, evaluation and taking photos to provide evidence of the children’s learning.

We aim to meet the needs of each individual child, and plan a program which would have the general aims of the centre in mind including a daily language and music group experience. We encourage parent partnership with our educators in planning experiences as well as developing individual goals for their children.
smiling toddler learning and playing
Initial Separation 
We encourage orientation visits where parents can come in with their child and get to know the other children, staff and centre routine before they start. It is normal to feel some sort of separation anxiety for both parents and child. We report your child’s progress daily through verbal communication, language stories and our daily reflections. Families are welcome to call at anytime to see how their child is going.

Display of our Daily Routines and          Programs

Our program and daily centre routine are displayed in the centre and presented in our daily reflections. Our age appropriate programs cover areas such as:
  • Personal and interpersonal development
  • Physical development
  • Creative and aesthetic development
  • Intellectual development
  • Language and literacy development
  • Self-helpskills
The children are grouped in three groups initially according to their age. The way in which children respond to the teaching will determine if they need extra activities, more one on one time or extension activities. Each group is allocated a qualified teacher. Evidence of child learning and development will be displayed and recorded as learning stories, photographs and children’s work in each child’s portfolio. We present learning stories, daily reflections and portfolios via a parent portal for added security and presentation.
Teacher talking with children

What Your Child Should Bring Along to Kindergarten

Please have your child bring the following items when they come to kindergarten so they can have as much  fun as possible!
  • Hat
  • Bag
  • Bedding including sheets and blanket (seasonal appropriate), in pillow case or other covering
  • Appropriate seasonal clothing
  • Spare change of clothing
  • Nappies (if not already toilet trained)
  • Milk bottles (if required)
  • Roll-on Sun Screen (with your child's name on it)
Please make sure you label all of your child’s belongings to make it easily accessible for the staff working with your child. Time will be allocated to rest, relaxation and quiet activities.

Even if your child does not sleep, all children must rest for at least 30 to 45 minutes per day.  Please ensure that you provide us with appropriate bedding for each season. Also please ensure that all the bedding is labeled appropriately.  If bedding is not supplied then a $5 fee will be charged per week for supply and laundering.
Happy boys learning and playing

Transition to School and Pre-School Program

Our School Readiness and Pre-school Program includes aspects such as:
  • Writing - alphabet, phonics, name
  • Basic reading skills - through text and illustrations
  • Number - recognising and writing numbers, addition and subtraction
  • Creating positive social networks and making new friends
  • Building confidence through group work and Show and Tell
  • Science and technology learning experiences
  • Responsibility of their personal belongings and some aspects of personal hygiene and responsibility which will be important in the early years of primary school.
The educators at Pagewood Kindergarten are committed to providing a high quality program that caters for the needs, interests and abilities of all children.
children smiling and studying
 When programing, educators will look at each child in a variety of contexts such as:
  • As an individual.
  • As a member of a group.
  • As part of a family.
  • As part of a society with a cultural background.

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